Kids Place FAQ

Kids Place Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have a question or suggestion, how do I contact you?
A: Pleae email us at with your question and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q: I don't remember my pin, is there a way for me to get it back?
A: Please click on "Forgot Pin" link below:
Forgot Pin and enter you email. If you chose to send your pin to us by providing your email from Kids Place app, we will email you the pin to the address you provided. If you have not registered your email with us just shoot us an email at and we can help you.

Q: Why do I still see the default home screen when hitting the home button before it sends me back into Kids Place?
A: This occurs when you don't have the "Lock home button" setting checked. The setting temporarily changes the default home of your Android device and is more secure than relying on special logic to push you back into Kids Place. It is recommended you check "Lock home button".

Q: How can I access books from Kids Place on the Kindle Fire?
A: At the moment the Fire doesn't offer a clean way of accessing your books from within Kids Place, however the following method allows you to read books using the Fire Launcher while Kids Place app protection is still enabled:

1) Add the Kindle app to Kids Place
2) Add the Launcher app to Kids Place

Use the Fire Launcher book area to choose which book to read. The launcher is required because it is presently the only app that has the ability to switch between the books - the Kindle app can only view a single book at a time.

Even though you now have given your child access to the Fire launcher, the good news is that your device will still be locked down for things other than books - they will still be prevented from doing things you don't want them to be doing like purchasing videos, music or running apps that are not in Kids Place.

We are presently looking into ways to expose the books from within Kids Place itself and not have to resort to the Fire Launcher. We may have something in a few versions down the line.

Q: How can I rearrange the icons?
A: As of right now you can't. A future version of Kids Place will have this capability however.